Breakout Indie Author Strikes Again With Fresh Twist In Her New Sci-fi Zombie Tale!

Cloud City V. Zombie Apocalypse
Cloud City V. Zombie Apocalypse

Breakout Indie Author Strikes Again With Fresh Twist In Her New Sci-fi Zombie Tale!

Tired of the same old brain eating monsters? Cloud City V. Zombie Apocalypse by Stacy Renée Keywell turns the genre upside down and sends it to the sky. Young, ambitious Mercury lives in the amazing cloud city of Anorêve. As he attempts to climb the ranks in the greedy house of Monty, will he survive the zombified world of Ground Zero?


Waterford, Mich., September 16, 2013- Author Stacy Renée Keywell today announced the release of her new novella, Cloud City V. Zombie Apocalypse-A Love Story (112 pp. $10.50 paperback, $0.99 e-book). Combining her love for futuristic, sci-fi settings and twisted zombie-like creatures, Keywell challenges the genre with her new perspective. The worthy citizens of Anorêve enjoy the luxuries in the clouds, while the rest of the population suffers from the virus back on earth. Regardless of the inequities, the story focuses on finding love between the chaos of two extremes.


Stacy Renée Keywell is also the author of the novel Forbidden Sky. With a growing fan base she continues to wow her audience.

“She is a published author sharing her knack for storytelling with the world.” –Katey Meisner Westend Monthly

“Keywell is a great story teller and provides many well-executed twists and turns.”-amazon.com

“…all I can say is ‘wow’!” –amazon.com

“Voted as exceptional work!” –Westacres craft jury

“The first of her ‘Dark Wing’ series…culminates into an astonishing conclusion.” –The Oakland Press

“A small but steady buzz about her book has already taken over…” –The Oakland Press


Promising to be a quick read Cloud City V. Zombie Apocalypse offers a contemporary glimpse at a devastating virus mixed with a remarkable future entwined with an amazing love story. In a chance encounter Mercury stumbles upon a girl who greatly differs from him. Will she love him back or does her heart belong to another? In a city where people vie for power and control, will Mercury’s quest end in tragedy or hope? Cloud City simply captivates its audience until the end.


Stacy Renée Keywell has amassed over two decades as an experienced educator. Stacy graduated from Michigan State University with a political theory degree from James Madison, and earned an MAT from Wayne State University. She is currently writing book two of the Dark Wing series. She resides in Waterford, Michigan, in a quaint house in the woods with her husband and two daughters.


ISBN-13 978-1457521539

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Available in paperback and e-reader




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