Dr. Steven Shanbom celebrates May’s National Vision Month with New Laser and Eye Analysis Equipment for Cataract Surgery

Latest technology offers more gentle and accurate procedures for common medical condition; free lecture on May 21
Berkley, Michigan (May 5,  2014) – Dr. Steven Shanbom M.D., a board-certified ophthalmologist, offers his patients not just one advanced technology for their cataract procedures, but two, helping him transform his patients’ vision dramatically. He will be talking about his work at a free lecture, “Advanced laser cataract surgery...the future is now!”, being presented at the Birmingham Community House (380 S Bates St, Birmingham, MI 48009) on Wednesday May 21 from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. There is no charge for the lecture although RSVP is requested at 248 644 5832.
The LENSAR™ laser Dr. Shanbom uses, the only one in Michigan, makes incisions in the cornea, the transparent layer that is on the outside of the eye, and softens the cataract for more gentle and accurate removal. In addition, Dr. Shanbom is also just one of a few doctors in metro Detroit who has innovative technology known as ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) which allows him to ‘read’ the eye in the middle of surgery, checking the eye’s power and automatically provide the most accurate information about which lens should be implanted. Instead of having to wait weeks after surgery to determine vision results and making corrections with glasses, the best outcome is achieved for the patient while still on the operating table.
Cataracts are a common medical condition affecting the vision of around 22 million Americans. They are caused when the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision.
For Dr. Shanbom, the new technology available at his office in Berkley (Shanbom Eye Specialist, 28747 Woodward Avenue) is helping him transform patients’ lives dramatically. “Our ultimate goal is not only cataract removal, but also to offer a refractive procedure at the same time – to improve vision so much that we are decreasing the dependence on eye glasses,” he explains. “We can use the laser to correct astigmatism, for example. Seeing patients leave the office with vision that they might have had in their youth is definitely exciting for both me and them!”
During National Vision Month, held each May, the National Eye Institute encourages people to make their eye health a priority. This includes having a dilated eye exam to check for common eye diseases – which are often easier to treat early on – and to protect vision with steps such as wearing sun glasses.
Dr. Shanbom, who is also trained in internal medicine, treats a wide range of eye conditions, including macular degeneration and glaucoma. This winter’s brutal weather saw him treating an increased number of patients with uncomfortable dry eyes;  treatments include a simple surgery, ‘tear plugs’, which many centers do not offer patients.
“The eyes really are the windows to your health in so many ways. The best vision possible is something everyone should have – and with the latest technology available I feel it is something attainable for the vast majority of my cataract patients,” says Dr. Shanbom.
For more information:
Shanbom Eye Specialist contact: Dr. Steven Shanbom, 28747 Woodward Avenue, Berkley MI 48072, 248 546 2133 sshanbom@shanbomeyespecialist.com
Media contact: Alison Schwartz, CKC Agency, 248 788 1744 alison@ckcagency.com


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