June 7-Day FIT-FOR-LIFE Bootcamp

This program is specifically designed for wellness warriors ready to cement lifelong fitness and nutrition habits.  We will challenge you further than you thought possible while giving you new ways to fuel your body, mind and life.   If you ever wanted to try personal training,
this program will give you an idea of what you can achieve working with trainers who are passionate about helping you succeed, not just in fitness but in your whole life. 
This program includes:  
~Extremely concentrated fitness sessions utilizing many different fitness disciplines designed to SHOCK your body 
~Our exclusive Meal Plan to help you SHED FAT by following a perfectly balanced macronutrient formula
~Group grocery store field-trip to learn our best tips and tricks on how to make the absolute healthiest selections in order to solidify your overall wellness
~Tough love, daily motivation and unwavering support 

The proof is in these results:
June 2013 - participants lost 25 pounds, 26.75 inches
July 2013 - participants lost over 30 pounds, 30 inches
August 2013 - participants lost over 35 pounds, 29 inches

The program kicks off June 22 and goes through June 28th - call or email us for more info 888-309-5311 or info@onetrainingstudio.com

one body . one life . one you! Commit to yourself and your health and make lasting improvements for a lifetime.


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