NFHS classroom gets "Extreme Makeover"

Thanks to Home Depot, some students will get a big surprise when they return to class Monday Morning. 

William Morganti, a senior at North Farmington High School, sent a letter to the local Home Depot store asking for help remodeling his classroom. He detailed the condition of the room’s carpet, ceiling tiles and walls. “It wasn’t a place that made me feel good,” he said.

 His letter reached Nicole Gatteri, at the Farmington Hills Home Depot on Northwestern Highway. “Because the letter was from a student, it got my attention. I showed it to the store manager, and we decided to do something,” she said.

That something included installing a laminate floor, painting walls and replacing ceiling tiles. All told, the Home Depot Foundation donated more than $2,000 in product and 80 hours of volunteer work.

A reluctant writer, Morganti sees these results as a reward for his effort. “I feel like I accomplished something,” he said. 

The graduating senior likes the timing of this event. “ I feel like I am leaving my mark on this school.”


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