Turning heads while pumping CNG into the Mustang

Just got back filling up the Mustang with CNG at a Mich Con public filling station.  It draws a crowd and the quote "What are you doing?" is quite common.  They think I am confused and trying to get gasoline, way too much fun to see there face when I plug into the CNG pump.

I am now legendary at this station, the guard lets me in quickly and the crowd follows me to the CNG pumps.

When I explain the idea about the car, open the hood and trunk then the conversation happens.  They quickly understand the value proposition of CNG, the concept of application and it always ends with them saying "Why are we not doing this?"

I am convinced we are on the right path with our CNG approach, we just need more exposure and momentum.  Time will prove if we are right!  So I am back to hitting my head up against the brick wall and bringing it down one piece at a time.

I should mention I paid $2.39 per GGE, 1 GGE is the same miles I get on 1 gallon of gasoline! Did I mention it is all US provided, no foreign oil payments, did I also mention I emit 30% less emissions when burning CNG as a fuel.

I could go on, but "Why are we not doing this?"  www.performcng.com


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