Wine Tasting, Classic Cars and a Muscle Car Running on CNG

2003 Mustang GT modified muscle car 469 HP
2003 Mustang GT modified muscle car 469 HP

On Friday 16 August starting at 5 pm we will unveil our high performance (469 HP) modified 2003 Mustang GT which also runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at a wine tasting event.  The event will be held at The Woodward Warehouse, a first class classic car storage club which will display many classic cars on the evening before the Woodward Dream Cruise.


Tickets are $75 per person, after 12 August $95 per person; contact: dpatrish@comcast.net.  For more information about the Mustang Project visit our website at www.performcng.com.


This 2003 Mustang GT has been highly modified for performance and puts out 469 HP at the rear wheels.  The engine, headers, transmission, suspension, chassis, brakes and exhaust have been dramatically upgraded for performance to maximize power and torque.  This muscle car is Bi-Fuel; it runs on both gasoline and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with alcohol injection.


In our younger years this is the type of vehicle we tinkered with in our parent’s garage to show off as we cruised up and down Woodward with our latest modifications for performance.  We decided to put together an experienced “grass roots” team with a unique approach using CNG as an effective performance fuel and unveil it at the Woodward Dream Cruise.


We have successfully shattered another paradigm; CNG is a viable performance fuel that is 35% less expensive than gasoline, cleaner burning, less maintenance and our abundant US supply can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.


With 15 million vehicles running on CNG throughout the world, why do we only have 120,000 in the US?


Platinum Corporate Sponsors:


The Center for Professional Studies        www.cpspoly.com

The Woodward Warehouse        www.woodwardwarehouse.com

CNG United                        www.cngunited.com

The EDAG Group              www.EDAG.com

Quality Metalcraft           www.qualitymetalcraft.com


For sponsorship opportunities contact Daryl Patrishkoff dpatrish@comcast.net


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