Big Bucks at Stake as Queen of Hearts Raffle Closes in Farmington

The Farmington Rotary Club will keep drawing tonight until the lucky card is found. And then the fun starts all over again Feb. 7.

Even though a Farmington Rotary Queen of Hearts jackpot winner picked up a check several weeks ago, big money is still at stake as the club wraps up its year-long fundraiser Thursday at John Cowley & Sons in downtown Farmington. 

Continuous drawings will be held starting at 9 p.m., until the queen is found. Tickets are $1 each and go on sale at 7 p.m., on the second floor of the downtown Farmington restaurant. Going into the drawing, the jackpot sits at around $600. 

The fundraiser works like this: A ticket is drawn, and the ticket holder chooses an envelope that contains a playing card. The person who draws the queen of hearts wins 60 percent of the funds collected; winners do not have to be present. Those who don't pick the queen receive a John Cowley & Sons gift card. 

The balance of the funds go to the Rotary and organizations that have helped sell tickets, including the Xemplar Club, Botsford Hospital Volunteer Services and the Farmington High School Music Patrons. 

Queen of Hearts drawings start again on Feb. 7. For more information, visit farmingtonrotaryclub.org


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