Getting a Flu Shot? Here's How to Avoid Arm Soreness

Botsford Hospital workers are experts when it comes to vaccinations; employees get them every fall to protect themselves and their patients.

When it comes to getting flu shots, health care workers at Botsford Hospital could be considered experts. 

According to the hospital's blog, "thousands of employees" are vaccinated every fall, to keep themselves healthy and protect their patients. Tina Marinucci, RN, is in charge of administering those vaccinations, and she offers this advice for reducing the arm soreness that can come with intramuscular shots:

"While sitting, place your hand flat on your upper leg and let your shoulder hang low. Keep your shoulder very relaxed, letting it hang back and low until the shot is administered. Keeping your shoulder so relaxed may feel a little unnatural especially if you’re tense but it works."

There's still time to get a flu shot, and Botsford's chair of emergency medicine Dr. Sanford Vieder urges everyone who doesn't have a religious or moral objection to get one.

Find a list of local businesses offering the vaccine: . 

Read more health tips and information: botsford.org/blog.


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