Lesa's View Shares Lifetime Farmington Resident's Photography

Meet Lesa Ferencz, a Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch blogger.

Many interesting people blog on Patch. We'd like to introduce you to one.

Meet Lesa Ferencz, whose blog is "Lesa's View"

1. Tell us a little about yourself, whatever you're comfortable sharing.

I am a lifetime resident of Farmington, FPS graduate, wife, mother, corporate financial controller, and photographer.

2. Describe your blog. Why did you decide to create it? 
My blog is primarily a photo blog with images of things I see and photograph in my life... both professionally and creatively.  After some encouragement from friends, I started the Patch blog and feel that it will be a wonderful outlet for sharing some images that I might not normally share in a professional capacity....personal projects and ideas..   and directly with the wonderful community that is my home.

3. How did you create that cool header photo? 
The header silhouette photo was taken at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills at sunset.  I created the image by laying on the ground with my camera and asking my subjects to hold hands and jump high into the sunset sky above me. The result was an image of beautiful colors and delightful energy.

4. The "No Bullying" photo is powerful. What's the story behind it? 
The "No Bullying" image idea was born from discussions with one of our Farmington Girl Scout troops about the challenges they face as they learn about and navigate school and social interactions with others.

They felt that standard anti-bullying messages aren't always as attention getting as they could be and we pondered how to get people of all ages to stop and consider the message..not just fly past it. My idea to produce the words with the very children that are dealing with these issues made sense and was a perfect next step.  With volunteers of children (elem to high school) from Farmington and surrounding districts we painstakingly formed and captured the letters in my studio one by one to complete the "No Bullying" message. 

Additionally, all of these children were given dry erase boards that day and we captured nearly a hundred images of their personal anti-bullying messages and goals....in their words...in their handwriting.  (These images have yet to be released publicly.)

5. What's the coolest thing about living and working in Farmington/Farmington Hills? 
Farmington/Farmington Hills has been my home since 1976.  I walk its streets and sidewalks with a heart full of memories and a head full of ideas for all that our community can become.  I cherish being a part of that.


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