VIDEO: Come Fly With Me (and Selfridge) During a Fighter Jet Air Refueling Mission

Patch joins 171st Air Squadron at Selfridge for a mid-air fighter jet refueling mission.

If you're a Top Gun fan, you'll appreciate this video aboard a KC-135 Stratotanker Air Refueler as it gases up three fighter jets in mid-air.

Patch.com's Marina Cracchiolo was one of six members of the media to be invited on the Nov. 20 flight from Selfridge Air Base.

During the flight, the Stratotanker, which carries up to 30,000 pounds of jet fuel, refuled three A-10 fighter jets, also known as "Warthogs" at 19,000 feet in the air.  There are currently eight KC-135 planes at Selfridge Air Base, and have been used in missions ranging from aerial medical transport to cargo transporters. However, its primary mission since the 1960s has been to to refuel air force planes mid-air.

The KC-135 is flown by the 171st Air Refueling Squadron.


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