'Blame of Bones' Brings Knights, Swordplay to Masonic Hall in Farmington

Get a Clue Mystery Theater's new production opens Dec. 15 at the Masonic Hall on Farmington Road.

Swords and knights will clash next month, in Get a Clue Mystery Theater's new production, "Blame of Bones", which opens Dec. 15 at the Masonic Hall in Farmington. 

Playing off the popular HBO series "Game of Thrones", the play is set in medieval times and opens as a local duchess invites knights of the realm to share all of the grand deeds they have done in her name. 

"Of course, politics come to the fore, and a murder is committed," said writer Ken Lipka, who is co-director of the Theatrical Combat Network (TCN). The organization, which serves as a resource for stage combat and street fighting in movies and plays, is partnering with Farmington-based Get a Clue to produce the show. 

As with all Get a Clue productions, the dinner show will include audience participation, co-founder Laurie Smallis said. "Each group of tables will have a knight they root for," she said. 

Smallis first connected with TCN through her Positive Attitude Dance studio, which the group used for rehearsals because of its high ceilings. She said she and co-founder Hans Mosher are always looking for something new to do and asked TCN to write a play for them. 

Cast members include Lipka, James Raley, Katherina Robb, Alejandro Valtierra, Eric McClaren, Christian Broughton, Stu Wiley and Jade Ransom. Ransom, McClaren and Evelyn Causer worked on costumes, and Gary Burton handles make-up. 

The catered dinner will have a medieval theme as well, with "Rib of Swine" and "Spit-fired Ham", "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" pie and a "Meadow Greens" salad. Tickets are $40 and must be purchased in advance; visit blameofbones.eventbrite.com. Only 60 tickets will be sold for the Dec. 15, 7 p.m., and Dec. 16, 2 p.m., performances, and sales close the day before the event. 


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