Map It: Show Us Your Farmington Hills DIA Inside|Out Favorites

Share your reaction to the seven reproductions, which will remain in the community through June.

Seven reproductions of works housed in the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) have been installed in Farmington Hills, as part of the DIA Inside|Out program.

A set of paintings was also this week. Some of the Farmington Hills paintings are free-standing, others are bolted to the sides of public buildings. All are weather-proofed and will remain in place through June 30. 

The Farmington Hills Cultural Arts Division and Farmington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) have planned a number of events around the exhibit. Farmington's events ; news of Farmington Hills events is expected next week. 

We've created an interactive map so that you can share your reaction to these artworks:

  • "The Wilkinson Family" by Francis Wheatley -
  • "Interior of St. Peter's, Rome" by Giovanni Paolo Panini -  Entrance A
  • "Allegory of Hope" by Alessandro Turchi -  main entrance
  • "Solitude" by Jean-Léon Gérôme -  in 
  • "A Woman" by Amedeo Modigliani - Stables Art Studio in Heritage Park
  • "The Communicant" by Gari Melchers -
  • "Seascape: Sunset" by Martin Johnson Heade - in

To see a photo of each art work, click on the map pin, then on the icon image in the balloon that pops up. 

Share your thoughts by selecting "Add" on the map above. Enter your brief reaction to your favorite painting, then select the "Click on a map location" link and click on the map to drop your pin and submit your entry. If the pin doesn't land exactly where you'd like, click on it and click on the circled arrow in the lower right corner of the pop-up balloon, which will allow you to drag the pin.

You can share a photo of your favorite artwork by .  

There's also . 

To learn more, visit www.dia.org/insideout


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