5 Gifts Under $5 for Girls

Patch found five great gifts for girls that won't break the bank.

There was a time when spending $5 or less on a kid meant she was either a distant relative or you didn't like her very much. That's changed -- for the most part.

There are a bunch of great gifts for under $5. Patch found five fantastic gifts that are sure to make your annoying second cousin feel like this year's gift actually meant something.

Here's a list of inexpensive gifts for girls available at Five Below:

  • Soccer ball -- $5
  • Barbie -- $5
  • Cell phone case -- $5
  • Hello Kitty lunchbox -- $5
  • Leg warmers -- $5

There are Five Below stores all over southeast Michigan including Hunters Square shopping center at 14 Mile and Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills. 

Vera Lucksted November 12, 2012 at 12:56 PM
What about art supplies? Crayons, paint, gimp, yarn, beads, kits all can be purchased for $5 or less. There are a lot of wonderful books for "girls" in that price range. With the exception of the soccer ball, everything on that list is disposable/trendy and kids don't need more disposable stuff that will break or be discarded in days.


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