Busch's Fresh Foods Recalls Handmade Foods Over Contamination Concerns

Sold in Farmington Hills and other stores between Nov. 28-Dec. 3, the foods may contain pieces of blue plastic, although no illness or injury has been reported.

Busch’s Fresh Food Market today is announcing the voluntary recall of several handmade Busch’s products, due to the unlikely but possible contamination of a purchased ingredient with pieces of blue plastic.

Busch’s uses this purchased ingredient in preparing the following voluntarily recalled products:

  • Busch’s Baked Beans – UPC 20751900000 and UPC 20760100000
  • Busch’s Baked Potato Salad – UPC 20349900000 and UPC 20350400000
  • Busch’s German Potato Salad – UPC 20751300000
  • Busch’s Broccoli Sweet and Savory Salad – UPC 20258600000
  • Busch’s Twice Baked Potato – Bacon and Cheddar – UPC 20578700000
  • Busch’s Baked Potato Soup – Sold bulk only

Recalled products would have been purchased from Nov. 28, 2012 through Dec. 3, 2012.

Busch’s Fresh Food Market has received no confirmation of illness or injury associated with the consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an illness or injury should immediately contact their healthcare provider.

Source: Busch's Fresh Food Market press release


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