Customers Await Black Friday Deals at Best Buy in Farmington Hills

A 42"-inch TV, PS3 and Blue-ray Disc Player among the most sought after items.

Sneed Mouzon was waiting patiently Thursday for his Thanksgiving meal - but instead of being around the table for his feast, he'll eat it outside of the in Farmington Hills where he is among about two dozen people in line for Black Friday deals.

The 36-year-old Brownstown resident, in line since 5 p.m. Wednesday, said his father was going to bring him Thanksgiving dinner while he and his brother were in line. Between the two of them they expect to save money on Xbox360s going from $199, normally about $400.

James Henderson, 22, of Bloomfield Hills had been waiting since 10 p.m. Wednesday.

"You can get some great deals," he said, hoping he'll nab one of the 42" Class LCD 1080p HDTV TV's by Sharp for $199.99.

According to the Best Buy circular, there is a minimum of 10 per store. Henderson was number 18 in line.

Also on his wish list is a PS3 with $199 with two games. The games are usually valued at about $369.97, according to the circular.

Lauren Rose, 23, also of Bloomfield Hills, said she wanted the TV as well and the Blue -ray Disc Player selling for $39.99.

So, do their friends and family think they're crazy for braving the cold to save on some tech items?

"I think I'm crazy," laughed 23-year-old Martin Duarte of Farmington.

In line for PS3, Duarte said he and a friend, who wanted the 42" TV, have been taking turns in the line.

In front of them were about three tents of people keeping warm and empty stadium chairs, with owners getting some heat from their cars.

One of them was a Southfield resident who arrived at the store on Tuesday night to ensure she was first in line.


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