Farmington Area Well Represented in Real Detroit's 'Best of 2013' Lists

More than a dozen local businesses are named by readers in the magazine's annual poll.

When it comes to finding some of the area's best restaurants, spa services, motorcycles or appliances, readers of Real Detroit Weekly head toward the Farmington area. 

The magazine's annual "Best of Detroit 2013" list is announced each February.

"Best Of issue is a go-to guide, a collection, a historical reference for the things we’ve collectively excelled at and the advancements we’ve made as a community rich in food, ambiance, music, art and design," Real Detroit editors wrote.

Here are the Farmington area businesses, along with chains with a local presence, that we found among the winners – as well as what the magazine had to say about them: 

Best Indian - Priya

From tandoor meats (a clay oven fired by charcoal and wood that imparts a smoky flavor into anything cooked inside) and homemade breads (including the signature Indian bread, naan) to spicy curry sauces and vegetarian rice dishes, Priya offers a whole new world of flavors to explore.

Best Deep Dish Pizza - Buddy's

There's something about the corner piece of a Buddy's pizza. Relationships have ended over lesser transgressions than taking that last corner.

Best Delivery - Jimmy John's

Not only are the sandwiches awesome (and they are – on that fresh-baked bread all warm and smelling all deliciously), but they'll be at your front door ready for you to eat before you even finish updating your Facebook status to say that you're about to eat some Jimmy John's. 

Best Fast Food - McDonald's

There's something about those two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and onions on that sesame seed bun that just sings to us.

Best Pizza Delivery - Jet's

Jet's has made the "all corners" pizza famous. It's an 8-piece deep dish square pizza where every piece has a delicious crusty corner.

Best Quality for the Money - Little Caesars

When you're in a pinch, Caesars is the answer. For $5, you can feed a family. 

Best Coffee - Biggby

BIGGBY Coffee is blowing up all over Michigan and is slowly taking over the country Starbucks-style, but no matter how big they get they'll always be our #1 since they are a Michigan-based company, and also because of their sweet, sweet lattes.

Best Appliance Store - ABC Warehouse

Basically there's no reason not to check out their store if you're looking for anything but clothes or groceries.

Best Sporting Goods Store - Dunham's

Dealers in absolutely everything recreation-related, you can find clothing, gear, shoes, equipment, accessories and damn near everything else you might need to work on your fitness. 

Best Hair Removal - American Laser Skincare

With a promise to make clients look and feel their best, the center provides a thorough consultation to cover everything from needs, concerns, goals and lifestyle to create a customized and one-of-a-kind program to suit each person individually.

Best Men's Haircut - Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men

Covered in sports memorabilia and playing great music at all times, Lady Jane's is truly a "guy's spot." Not to mention, the haircuts are extremely affordable and done just as well in comparison to many pricey salons.

Best Car Dealers - Suburban Collection

Their professional staff will help put you into the new or used car of your dreams and their experienced service team will keep it running from routine maintenance to major repairs. 

Best Place to Buy a Harley - Motor City Harley

Their full-feature service center has more than 130 years of combined experience, and with classes from their qualified "Learn to Ride" program, there's no reason not to get that bike of your dreams.




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