Farmington Hills' Yummie Yogurt Serves up 14 Flavors, 70 Toppings

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The staff at Farmington Hills' Yummie Yogurt serves up 14 flavors of frozen yogurt and more than 70 toppings. Photo credit: Yummie Yogurt
The staff at Farmington Hills' Yummie Yogurt serves up 14 flavors of frozen yogurt and more than 70 toppings. Photo credit: Yummie Yogurt
Tony Nguyen, owner of Yummie Yogurt, said his Farmington Hills business opened in April 2012.

He recently submitted information about the business to Patch. If you have a business and want to participate in Patch's Small Business Shout Out, you can fill out the online form.

How did your business get started? I was vacationing in Florida and one of my relative was building his own self serve yogurt shop and i thought the frozen yogurt craze has not hit Michigan yet so why not introduce it to my home town by building my very own self serve frozen yogurt shop.

What products does your business provide? 
We offer 14 flavors of frozen yogurt at a time and over 70 toppings to choose from. It's all self serve and goes by the weight. So the customers can choose how much to put in since everything is at their control. Their cup is then weighed at only .35 cents per ounce. We also offer fresh fruit smoothies made from our yogurt. We also offer bubble tea and have over 20 different flavors to choose from.

What do you want your business to be best known for?
 Although it is a self serve yogurt shop, we have been known and have received tons of compliments about our superior customer service and we would like to continue to be known for our service and product. We have one of Michigan's largest selection of yogurt toppings and we usually get jaw dropping first impressions from first-time customers because they couldn't believe how many toppings there are, from cereals to exotic asian fruits, such as lychee and longans.

What's your most popular service? 
We offer some yogurt flavors and toppings that no other yogurt shops have. We offer Nutella yogurt and we also offer a taro yogurt that has become our best seller. Our taro yogurt is actually a vegetable root, but tastes like creamery buttery popcorn. We have had customers drive all the way from Plymouth, Berkley and even further up north.

Why did you choose the location that you did
I grew up in Farmington Hills, so the obvious choice was to build a business in the community that I grew up in. I chose Hunter Square because it's one of the busiest shopping centers around.

For more information, stop in at 30907 Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills or check out the company's Facebook page.
Chritine Khami December 15, 2013 at 07:50 AM
Awesome! Looking forward to visiting soon


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