Unique Farmington Hills Pharmacy Makes the Best Better

Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy helps doctors and patients by tailoring dosages.

Scott Popyk, Founder and President of Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy, has been in business in Farmington Hills for 15 years. One of 100 accredited compounding pharmacies nationally recognized by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB), he provides doctors and patients with a unique spin on medicine.

“We custom formulate prescriptions for patients.” Popyk said. “When you have a manufacturer who gets one, two or at best, three strengths of a medication approved by the FDA for mass marketing and distribution, there’s always going to be patients who fall to either end of possible dosages, or sometimes, in between.”

When doctors feel there's a need to vary the dosage or a medication, they contact Health Dimensions to make a change.

“There are a lot of capabilities that we have, and there really is no limit.” Popyk said. “We work with every single dosage for you can imagine; capsulations, topical, injectables, eye drops, ear drops, nasals, suppositories, if you can imagine it in dosage form, we can formulate it.”

The company's work covers a broad range of ailments and conditions across the medical spectrum, but hormone replacement therapy is a great example of their work.

“You’ve got women of all different body shapes and sizes, even genetic makeup that affects their ability to process hormones,” Popyk said. “So when a physician wants to tailor hormone therapy for a patient going through menopause, custom formulated hormones are really a powerful tool for some of those physicians. They really rely on them.”

Striving to provide the best service possible, Popyk was inspired to improve on his company’s already great customer service. He recently went through a Master of Business Administration program, where leadership development coursework helped him pull together all of what he knew.

Now, his organization has a more effective, structured approach to long-term employee development. This will position Health Dimensions to provide the best quality prescription care to physicians and patients, Popyk said.

“It’s more changing how we do business internally, how I do business with my staff,” Popyk said. “If your employees can’t repeat your missions, visions and values, then how are they going to carry out the missions, visions and values of the company?"

"What I’ve learned is the importance for internal systems for training people in a way that they’re typically not trained," he added. "By doing it, we’ve improved our organization tremendously. We already had great company, by virtue of our accreditation. That alone says it, but this takes it to a new level.”

Popyk said he empowers his staff to make decisions, rather than putting people on hold because "I have to go get my manager".

Popyk said he and his staff are very proud of being PCAB accredited, among a select group of pharmacies recognized as the nation’s best in patient care and customer service.

“When there are 25,000 independent pharmacies nationally, being in ... a very select group really says a lot," Popyk said.


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