Woman Who Claims She Was Denied Job Because of Pregnancy Settles for $45,000

Farmington Hills-based Weight Watchers denies discrimination and liability in a case brought by the federal EEOC.

A Rochester mom's discrimination case against Weight Watchers was settled in U.S. District Court. (Patch file photo)
A Rochester mom's discrimination case against Weight Watchers was settled in U.S. District Court. (Patch file photo)

A Farmington Hills woman who lost 30 pounds on the Weight Watchers program after giving birth to her first job,but was denied a job with the company that offers the weight-loss program because she was pregnant again will be paid a $45,000 settlement.

Wendy Lamond-Broughton of Rochester sued the Farmington Hills-based Weight Watchers Group Inc., for bias in U.S. District Court, the Detroit News reports.

Lamond-Broughton applied for a job at Weight Watchers’ Troy location in September 2009 and said she was “shocked and hurt” when she was told she couldn’t be hired because of her pregnancy.

Weight Watchers agreed to Lamond-Broughton, 40, the $45,000 to settle the lawsuit. The company said in a statement that its workforce has been primarily made up of women for 40 years, including many who were pregnant. The company denied the discrimination and made no admission of liability.

The suit was filed by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after settlement negotiations failed, the newspaper said.
A Concerned Citizen April 10, 2014 at 04:51 PM
Does anyone check these stories for grammatical accuracy before they publish them ? It doesn't look like it! I think what happened here is that WW got caught saying something that they shouldn't have (and normally wouldn't have). If they hadn't used those words, she still wouldn't have the job, but she also wouldn't have a settlement.
Donna H. April 10, 2014 at 06:30 PM
She lost 30 pounds after giving birth to her first job? Wow--I wonder how much weight she lost after giving birth to actual children!


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