Local physician launches Virtual Weight Management online weight loss solution

Dr. Samer Kafelghazal, MD, brings extensive weight loss expertise to community in an innovative, convenient, and HIPPA compliant format.

Dr. Samer Kafelghazal
Dr. Samer Kafelghazal

Livonia, Mich.-based Virtual Weight Management (VWM), a unique and comprehensive online weight loss and weight management program administered under close and direct medical supervision, has been launched by Dr. Samer Kafelghazal, MD, a board certified internist who specializes in weight management and bariatric medicine. Dr. Kafelghazal, founder and medical director of VWM, made the announcement.

Recognizing a dangerous increase in obesity rates and the associated health risks, Dr. Kafelghazal spent the past 15 years focused on the best weight loss treatment methods and translating medical research into practicable methods and practical results for his patients. Yet many patients struggle with fitting office visits into their busy schedules – a challenge Dr. Kafelghazal addresses with VWM. By offering his medical expertise and proven methods in an online program, Dr. Kafelghazal can help his patients achieve weight loss success in a convenient format that fits their modern lifestyle.

“There is both an art and a science to effective weight loss and weight management,” said Dr. Kafelghazal. “Obesity is a serious disease that has a detrimental effect on a person’s health, emotional and physical well being, and overall quality of life. With Virtual Weight Management, we are placing years of medical research and the very best treatment methods into a convenient online format that will reach the broadest possible audience.”

The program is structured similarly to Dr. Kafelghazal’s more traditional practice. Each VWM patient receives a private consultation, customized weight loss program, and physician-directed treatment that is delivered through a HIPPA compliant online portal, video conferencing and smartphone app, all designed to protect privacy and help patients lose weight in a manner that accommodates a busy, modern lifestyle.

VWM is a subsidiary of Dr. Kafelghazal’s Middlebelt Medical Center, PLC – the primary care practice he founded in 1998 and expanded in 2005 to include non-surgical cosmetic and laser treatments. VWM brings the knowledge and support of a trained physician to guarantee privacy, convenience and results that no other online program can deliver.


About Virtual Weight Management      

Livonia, Mich.-based Virtual Weight Management is a unique and comprehensive weight loss and weight management program administered online under close and direct supervision from Samer Kafelghazal, MD – a board certified internist who specializes in weight management and bariatric medicine. With more than 15 years experience in weight management, Dr. Kafelghazal, MD, uses the latest treatment methods and communicates with patients through an innovative, HIPPA compliant online portal, video conferencing and a smartphone app designed to protect health information and privacy. For more information, visit www.virtualweightmanagement.com.            


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