'Civility' is the Word of the Day

A Thanksgiving request for civility.

I have never blogged on Troy Patch because it always seemed like I was spending more time defending anything I responded to here than was productive for me. Besides I have other places to get things off my chest.

Today is different though. We all lived through a year of negativity as it regards our city and its government. More if you count all the wranglings that led up to the 2011 elections where I entered the fray officially.

Lets talk about civility for a minute. By definition, a: civilized conduct; especially: courtesy, politeness b: a polite act or expression. I don't mean to talk and act like a teacher here (not that theres anything wrong with that, I simply haven't achieved that level of deserved respect) , but courtesy and politeness are words that I haven't seen in Troy a lot these days. Sure we can bump into each other on the street, or at fund raisers,  shake hands and make small talk and smile at a joke at times, even if on different sides of a topic. But true civility needs to manifest itself in not only our face to face meetings, but in our arms length discussions (council meetings), and especially facebook or Patch postings, if we are to be taken seriously for our personal civil actions.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I am about the most civil guy they'll meet. I honestly was fired from a job in my early 20's, and one of the reasons on the release document... "tries to please too many people". Let that be a lesson to you all... By the same token, many of you here met me through facebook postings beginning around January 2010 regarding city affairs.

I admit some of my criticism early on was tough on previous management and councils. I tried to maintain civility, but I also have a sharp tongue and odd sense of humor at times... things in writing seldom appear in the same context or thought pattern that they are written, and often are interpreted differently by folks that read them. Sarcasm is my friend and I've never been afraid to use it to make a point. It's a curse and a friend at times.

I don't mean to preach at anyone, because a change in attitude and talk begins with me. By me I mean me, but also each and every one of us. This blog is timely because I am trying to reach out to anyone that plans on attending todays meeting, or any in the future to admonish them to just be civil. Realize there is a real person with actual feelings on the other side of what you decide to say. Say it like you were holding their hand in a handshake, not as if you were hidden behind a microphone or computer screen. We all act differently when we connect.

The meeting today for me is to find out the appropriate plan of action in light of the Secretary of States interpretation of the law. Yes we have confidence in our city attorney's interpretation of the law, but as a non attorney, I have to have confidence that the Secretary of State knows a little something about election laws as well. Who trumps who, and how do we go about finding out who's legally most accurate. At the end of the day, we may be setting the standard for the rest of the state regarding poorly stated legislation on recalls. It may turn out both are correct, and we need to close a loop in the law. Who's fault is that?

Enough Kumbaya... It's a jungle out there, be careful... see you at todays meeting, and Have a great Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for.

Dave Henderson


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Will Curtis November 25, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Dave, speak up for what you really believe in. Be your own man. To march lockstep with those like Dale... well, like I say, you're sunk.
Chris P. November 25, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Mr. Henderson, your comments here on the millage requests completely mystify me. Many of us understand now that the tax fighting group you claim you were a mouthpiece for was clueless. (By the way, to suggest that those same people weren't obnoxious for several years as they all but owned the council microphone attacking the mayor and council members, is ludicrous.) It is clear to me that the TCU you spoke for was wrong over and over again. Do you not recall this fact from the Budget Study Sessions? http://troy.patch.com/articles/5-year-budget-shows-troy-bankrupt-in-2017
Ellen Hodorek November 26, 2012 at 12:50 PM
wlarue: So well said. Thank you.
Cathy Fucinari November 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Why does it have to be a true conservative??? Why can't it be an independent??? An independent that both sides would be willing to work with??? Oh, wait. That makes sense and isn't Dale's way!
Cathy Fucinari November 26, 2012 at 02:57 PM
what a about delinquent tax payer? There is sooooo much more about Gosselin that says he's not a good choice for Troy politics. I should think the self-professed Christians should get on board with that. How MANY commandments has this man broken?


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