Hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Farmington Area Public Access TV

The world-renowned choral group's holiday shows are now playing on Bright House cable channel 12.

If you love choral music, tune in to Public Access Channel 12 on Bright House cable this week to hear the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 

Public Access Promotions Committee member Brian Belesky said the shows "A Wondrous Christmas" and "A Tradition of Christmas" are both playing now through January 7 on Bright House cable channel 12. He said the recordings came through Bonneville Distribution in Salt Lake, UT, which he learned about via the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. 

Belesky thanked Bonneville's Terry Hritz for making the deal happen. In an announcement to city council members Monday, Belesky said the distribution company doesn't normally work with public access channels. 

"I told him all about our public access channel and what we do with the Public Access Promotions Committee," he added. "This is truly quite a coup for our channel." 

Also airing this month is "The Christmas Tree Chronicles." 

"The program really takes you inside the state of Michigan's Christmas tree industry," Belesky said, adding the documentary-style video also gives viewers a look at Wisconsin's Christmas tree industry. 

To find air times and dates for the shows, visit Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission (SWOCC) Studios website, swoccstudios.com


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