High-End Homes For Sale in Farmington Hills

Start your week with a look at these luxurious homes currently advertised on the AOL Real Estate website.

Are you looking on the high end of the market for your next home, or would you just like to dream a little? 

The homes pictured above are currently listed on the AOL Real Estate website. All have high 4-figure or 5-figure price tag. Two are in neighborhoods south of 14 Mile, between Middlebelt and Inkster; the third is off Drake south of I-696. 

Follow these links to learn more about them:

32550 Rockridge 3 Bedroom, 5 Bath, 4037 sq. ft. - $1,275,000

31820 Franklin Fairway 3 Bedroom, 4 Bath, 6000 sq. ft. - $1,259,000

26824 Wembley Ct5 Bedroom, 4 Bath, 5087 sq. ft. - $1,050,000


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