Salvatore Cipriano Moved to Rehab Facility, Recovering From Closed Head Injury

The 17-year-old was released today from Botsford Hospital.

Salvatore Cipriano, 17, was discharged this morning from , where he has been receiving treatment for injuries sustained during  in April.

According to Margo Gorchow, a spokeswoman for the hospital, the teen will continue to receive treatment at a rehabilitation facility for closed head injury patients.

"The staff at Botsford has become very close with Sal and his family during the two months that he was hospitalized at Botsford," Gorchow said in an email. "We will be thinking about Sal and his family for some time hoping to hear that their health and lives are moving forward."

Salvatore's mother, Rose Cipriano, was released from Botsford in May.

Salvatore's twin brother Tanner and their 8-year-old sister, Isabella, escaped injury, but their father, , was killed during the attack. 

The Ciprianos' 19-year-old son, Tucker, and his friend Mitchell Young, 20, are today at 3 p.m. for arraignment on five felony charges in relation to the attack. 


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