Steckloff Raises Most Campaign Cash in Farmington Hills Council Race

The first-time city council person raises nearly $12,000 for the November race.

Farmington Hills council an
Farmington Hills council an
While not all the campaign finance reports are in, newly elected council person Samantha Steckloff appears to be the winner in the Farmington Hills city council money race

Steckloff, who was elected with Valerie Knol and Michael Bridges, far outpaced candidates who filed their post-election campaign finance statements by the Dec. 5 deadline. Knol and Erik Lindquist missed the deadline; their campaigns are subject to a $25 per day fine. 

Here are campaign contribution totals for the remaining candidates: 

  • Samantha Steckloff - $11,883
  • Christopher McRae - $7,344
  • William Miller III - $6,300
  • Steven Schwartz - $4,923
  • Michael Bridges - $3,300
  • George Varghese - $3,300
  • Thomas Wolverton - $2,913 (all in-kind contributions to his own campaign)
View all campaign finance statements at oakgov.com. 


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