Farmington Hills Family Fights Lyme Disease

Connie Laymon has turned to GoFundMe.com to help defray the costs of medical treatment.

Connie Laymon and her sons are fighting Lyme disease.
Connie Laymon and her sons are fighting Lyme disease.
Farmington Hills resident Connie Laymon has turned to the crowd-sourcing site GoFundMe.com to help her family battle Lyme disease.

Laymon, who was misdiagnosed for 10 years, and her sons, Grant, 18, and Luke, 5, all have the disease. In her words:

"i just want to live again and take care of my boys and be able to do things with them again! no donation is too big or too small......every penny will help give us our lives back!"

Read more about the campaign at GoFundMe.com. 


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