It's Not Easy Being a Public Education Advocate

Can a person be pro-education without being pro-union?

I attended public schools as a child, and I liked it.  I graduated #8 in a class of 880 from a large public high school in 1971.  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  I was ready for college.

My mother taught first grade in public schools, and she liked it, too.  It was hard, and she did not make a lot of money.  She never had fewer than 38 students, and she would cry on Christmas Eve because she knew her babies would not receive the kinds of gifts they expected.  She knew they would be hurt and disappointed.  She also taught them to read.

My dad played football at his large public high school.  He loved it. 

The point is:  I like public schools.  And when it was time to enroll our daughters in school, we made a choice.  We put them in public schools.

Now, take a look at my last several blogs, and read the comments.  A team of prolific "haters" has made commenting on my blog their life's mission.

Somehow, this public education advocate has been vilified. 

I'm pro-education; not necessarily pro-union.

I'm pro-education; not necessarily pro-new tax for new schools.

I'm pro-education; not pro excessive employment of adults.

I'm pro-education, and I am anti WASTE.

I'm pro-education, and I am pro-ACCOUNTABILITY to taxpayers. 

I'm pro-public education, because a good education helps to level the "playing field" of life.  A good quality public education is FREE to the student.  All that student needs to do is show up and participate, and that student should have reasonable expectations of opportunity to proceed to college, careers and beyond.

If anyone has any idea what might motivate the "haters" who have so much time to post incredibly nasty and bizarre comments...believe me, I don't!

I can tell you that whatever motivates them, it's not the education of our K-12 and special needs students.

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Ken Jackson October 04, 2012 at 01:08 PM
margie October 05, 2012 at 04:01 PM
I'm thankful for your passion and your concern for our children and the quality of their education. I believe the school board will be strengthened and will better serve us, if you become a part of it. Our school board has spoken as one voice for too long. We need a board that will consider and discuss a variety of perspectives and not just one. Your election to the board will be an opening of dialogue. Thank you Jenny for your committment
Neal Charness October 14, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Jenny is the "hit and run" candidate. She now posts blogs tearing into the board and district that don't allow comment. For a candidate to do that is just flat out cowardice.
Neal Charness October 16, 2012 at 04:19 PM
If anyone had any doubt that Ms. Greenwell doesn't belong on the board they might want to look at her comment on Marcia's blog about an honor given to a BT employee where she comments that the new high school should be called Steve Gaynor high school. Jenny talks out all 3 sides of her mouth: she clearly stated she was past the high school issue. But she seems not well connected with the truth. Looking at her blog about construction costs and all the other items you must know she would only like to interfere and impede the high school she tried to block.
R Gibson October 23, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Well it has been a while Jenny, but I found what I wanted to find. In January you posted this article. http://bloomfield-mi.patch.com/blog_posts/two-small-high-schools-or-one-big-farm You said: "The farm property is on the extreme northeast corner of the district, and can easily be accessed from I-75 at the Adams Road interchange. What a fantastic spot for a gas station and a Subway. Perhaps some savvy local developer will offer the BHSD a few million dollars for just part of it! Has anyone considered the value of developing the portion of the property that is adjacent to I-75? A Tim Horton's would be a virtual gold-mine. Bloomfield Township would benefit from commercial property taxes. A win-win!" Sounds to me like you think we should sell the farm.


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