Why run for the two-year board seat?

The next two years are critical for the BHSD. Fiscal restraint is essential.

I decided to run for the 2-year partial-term seat on the BHSD Board of Education for three main reasons:

1.  The next two years will be difficult for the BHSD, and disenfranchised voters and taxpayers need a "voice" on the board.  The new high school MUST be completed on time, and within budget.  At this time, we have no fiscal conservatives on our board of education; not one is capable of saying "no" to any thing or any expense.  I will bring needed financial constraint to our board table.

2.  Six year terms are an affront to taxpayers and voters.  The term is too long.  The board should have voted to reinstate 4-year terms retroactively.  If we had 4-year terms, taxpayers would not currently be represented by two appointees who circumvented the election process, Herner and Berndt.  Trustees should be elected, not appointed, PERIOD.

3.  I do not consider either of the two "appointees" who have decided to run for election to be competent, and neither has any history or interest in representing anyone who does not agree with them.  Both managed to beat-out such well-informed and intelligent long-term public school activists as John Roach and Chris Fellin.  Personnally, I was so offended by the application for the appointment that I returned my copy to Ingrid Day (board president!) and told her to create an application that would lead to the selection of a competent Trustee.  I refused to participate in what I considered to be a farce.

The application was inadequate, and it is no wonder that Ingrid's neighbor on Kellen Lane (Herner) and a long-retired public school teacher, beholden to the MEA for a generous retirement, were selected over people who have earned the respect of thousands of BHSD taxpayers and voters.

I see that Rob Herner has plenty of money to spend on a campaign designed to create familiarity with his NAME.  Apparently, he has little to offer besides that.  He does not write blogs; does not submit op-eds or letters to newspapers.  My guess is that his wife is a close personal friend of Ingrid Day.  They are neighbors.

We taxpayers know nearly nothing about Herner.  In 10 years of school involvement, I had never seen him at a board meeting prior to his selection.  He lives on Kellen Lane, and has one child at Andover.  We do not know what he does for a living.  We know nothing about his education.  We know that he is a "yes" voter.  He votes "yes" on everything.  My guess is that Ingrid knows a lot about Herner, as his wife has told her what she wanted to know.

He'll vote YES.  All the time.

Appointee Joan Berndt is a retired music teacher, who has referred to music as a "science."  Music is not a science, it is an art.  Art is wonderful.

Math and Science excellence are essential to compete in our global economy.

The BHSD has fallen behind in math and science achievement, and we need at least one Trustee who recognizes that fact.  Our students deserve to have top-notch preparation in math and sciences, including algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry and physics.  We need to understand the importance of academic achievement. 

Funny, Ed Ford (trustee) once stated (during the appointee process) that anyone who has run for the board before should not be considered as an appointee.  I figured he was referring to me.  I wonder if Ed did his homework and learned that Joan Berndt ran for the board in the 1970s and was defeated. 

Well, I'm Jenny Greenwell and I've run for the board 5 times.  I worked in the schools as a substitute teacher.  I went to college and had a great career.  I've raised three daughters to adulthood.  I've been married to the smartest person I have ever known for almost 37 years.  I own a home in Bloomfield Township and pay my taxes.  I do whatever I can to help my older brother, who is disabled, and has been since birth.

I've offered to serve my community as a smart and fiscally-responsible advocate for public education as a Trustee of the BHSD Board of Education.


If you would prefer to have an award-winning Math and Science program, rather than an award-winning corn maze and likely a private medical clinic for employees only (it's tabled, not killed, as it should have been) please vote for me on Nov. 6.

Thank you.


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-Elizabeth- October 26, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Oh, yes of course, I thought you were referring to her past tenure back in 2004.
Michelle Taigman October 26, 2012 at 07:00 PM
I have read your blogs in an effort to become informed with your perspective. On occasion I have asked a question as have others and you have never responded. Given this fact I do not believe that you can cite the failure to write a blog as indicative of a candidate's lack of seriousness about assuming a board position. While I recognize that not every response to your blogs has been sent in a spirit of achieving a greater understanding, by choosing not to respond to legitimate questions and challenges your blog has become nothing but a free source of often inaccurate or incomplete campaign propaganda. Personal attacks against your rivals and loose, unsubstantiated allegations will not win my vote, and I hope the same is true of voters.
Joan G. Berndt October 26, 2012 at 08:19 PM
As an educator I must take advantage of a teaching moment. Jenny, I do not remember saying "music is a science" but I might well have said that music is part science as well as art. Think about it. Music that is in the mind of its creator and written down using some form of notation (or not), is not music until it is heard. It is heard as sound. What is sound? Something (a string, a reed, or lips, or vocal chords) is set in motion, vibrating to create sound waves. These sound waves, along with the medium used to amplify them, allow us to hear certain identifiable timbres. Sound engineers study shapes and materials of various instruments looking for factors that influence how the instrument sounds. Brass and string players understand the science of the overtone series. Science is intimately connected with music. Music is also part mathematics. Music exists in time. It has to have a method to indicate to the composer and the performer how long in time each tone will sound. This is where notation comes in. Notation (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, etc) are mathematically related to each other: kids in beginning instrument classes understand fractions by learning about notation and time signatures better than kids who never have that opportunity. But overall, music is primarily an art form, because math and science are subservient to the organized sounds that speak to our emotions and lift our spirits.
Jon October 27, 2012 at 09:12 PM
I'm voting for Ingrid Day for a six year board term and I think everyone should. Ingrid is the one who has lead this board - full time, all day, every day - through the murkiest waters. She understands business and she understands education. She has facilitated some of the best meetings of community interaction and that is best illustrated by the passage of the high school bond. Ingrid has stood firm in her support of all things that benefit students. Everyone's definitions of a good board member describe Board President Ingrid Day. Please join me in voting for her re-election to our school board.
Amy Cardin October 28, 2012 at 04:29 AM
I couldn't agree more!


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