Botsford Hospital Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

These are not just words on a piece of paper...Botsford Hospital Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk.

For the last two to three years I have had the following procedures done at Botsford Hospital at 28050 Grand River Avenue, Farmington Hills, MI, 248-471-8000 www.botsford.org1-6 2011 My heart doctor had a Reveal Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) implanted in my by my left collar bone to determine why I am having dizzy spills.  It is a monitory device only.  It is not a pacemaker or defibrillator;  it does not pace nor deliver therapy. 9-27-2012 I had hemorrhoid surgery; my surgeon chose to do a "lift" procedure to restore the anus to how it was when I was a teenager.  This is called a "pexi".  Just a fancy name for a stitch that "lifts" the prolapsing anal lining back up into the anal canal towards the rectum.  The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and takes less than an hour.  You can watch it on youtube...just type in THD video.However since that time I developed rectal bleeding and involuntary bowel movements.  Several trips back to the surgeon and we were both perplexed as to what was going on.  Then as we connected the dots together it was determined that about a year and a half ago I had prostrate cancer and was treated with radiation.  That is like killing a fly on the wall with a shot gun...you kill the fly but you also take out the surrounding wall I (collateral damage)Then on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 I woke up bleeding like a stuck pig and had my wife take to the Botsford ER at 9:00 am.  As luck would have it, my surgeon was on duty and once the ER team called him, he reserved an Operating Room for me and at 1:00 pm his team performed a rectal exam with a colonoscopy and cautery hemostasis with biopsy under anesthesia.That was the ticket...I haven't bled since and my bowels are getting back to normal.Botsford makes the following claims:"Your Passport to Care"Mission Statement:  "We promise an uncompromising commitment to execence and quality in the delivery of personal and compassionate health care.""Your Care and Comfort Are Our Top Priority""Our goal is to provide outstanding patient care and services to you, every day."These are not just words on a piece of paper...Botsford Hospital Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk.From the parking attendants, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, security, Nursing Assistants, Nurses, Doctors, everyone has such a professional, happy, outward going attitude...it almost makes you thankful your sick.

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