All of Us Stand to Gain from Investing in Schools

Sometimes a community decides to pursue an enhancement such as a playscape or a skateboard park or an ice rink that can be paid for through donations. At other times, the scope of an improvement is so vital or so vast that every community member is asked to share in paying. In the two decades in which I have lived here, the residents of Farmington and / or Farmington Hills have supported investing in our public library, in redesigning downtown streets, in creating parks, in increasing public safety. And, we have supported investing in our public schools. 

Even if one never uses the library, or does not own a business on Grand River, or has no children in a public school, does one still stand to gain from these investments? In the past, a majority of our residents has said yes. We have believed that even if we are not directly impacted, we all benefit from investing in our community, something bigger and deeper and longer-lasting than all of us collectively. We have believed that a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown core, enhanced public safety and recreation, and a resource-rich public library increase our quality of life. Visitors - potential customers for our businesses - are drawn here, and some choose to join us in living here. When we invest in the community, we are investing in something bigger, but we are also certainly helping ourselves. 

Schools that provide safe environments conducive to learning in which students and staff make the best use of current (and future) technology to deepen and extend their learning can prepare our children for their adult world - a world that none of us can fully conceive of, right now.  Surely such schools would be the desire of any community, as they would enhance the quality of life throughout the community. In order to establish such schools, the Farmington Public Schools is now asking us to support a very large investment. The positive impact of this investment will be felt far beyond the 11,000 students enrolled today, and current staff members (of which I am one). Directly, we will certainly be serving the students who will enter Farmington schools for years to come, and some of them will choose to establish their own homes here, extending the benefit into the next generation. Indirectly, we all will gain, almost immediately. Not for free, to be sure, but we will see a significant, important return on our own contributions to this investment. 

Some are opposed to making this investment, for a variety of reasons. But the thing about a community is that we are all in this together, and if this investment is approved, they, too, will gain. I will be quite happy to share this improvement in the quality of our lives with our entire community. 

Jim White

Farmington resident and FPS teacher

Sue Burstein August 06, 2013 at 05:35 PM
BTW, I do believe you can voice your opinion as you wish. That is your first amendment right. I will fight for you to do that whether I agree with you or not. It is amazing however as to How many people on this site do not believe they should afford me or others with my viewpoint the same right. However, I do not believe that you should be able to post anonymously and debase us. Come on out of the closet Barry, and breathe some fresh air. It'll do you good. Perhaps it is time for the Patch to follow suit with other reputable news outlets which require you post via a facebook account. It forces people like you, to come clean or stay away.
Barry August 06, 2013 at 05:52 PM
Sue- So, words are not true if you don't know who is saying them? Wow, that's a new one on me. Have I ever said that you shouldn't be allowed to voice your opinion? I don't think so. The more you post, the more your true feelings come out and the more people are able to label you. My strategy has been to let you verbally assassinate yourself. You know, like I did yesterday. Amazing how you kind of shut up and didn't respond to my post about the true history of AMERICA! But, it's all good. We need people like you around. Occasionally you make a good point, like "free speech" and "questioning authority", but mostly it is a sharp reminder for the rest of us that we need to be vigilant in our beliefs and not be shouted down.
Joni Hubred-Golden August 06, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Everyone, Patch encourages a lively dialogue, but please refrain from personal attacks and stick to a discussion of the issues. Please remember our three main principles: “Keep it clean,” “Don’t try to trick people,” and “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” (Especially that last one.)
Sue Burstein August 06, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Barry, you sound like a true politician twisting my words. Go ahead. Again though you have the right to post anonymously, it means what you have to say carries very little credibility. Again, c'mon out of the closet Barry. Let us all know who you really are. My guess...we would all recognize your name and it would not be too positive for your political career, which is probably a pretty sorry state of affairs. If I am wrong...prove it. Tell us who you are or are too to full of cowardice to do so? Just askin, Barry.
Barry August 06, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Sue- See, here is one big difference between you and me. In another article, you might remember that I complimented you on your post. Based on your post, I gave you a measure of credibility. Following that you attacked me and, bye-bye, you lost every bit of credibility you earned. See, with me, you have to earn credibility. I don't give someone credibility just because I know their name. Historically, that has never been a good idea. (By the way, I am not sure if you know this, but I could have made my name David Eisenhower. That doesn't mean that I am actually David Eisenhower.) That being said, one of my life-long goals has been to earn your credibility, so......here goes...my real name is.......Art Linkletter.


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