Chris Dendy & David Giwerk coming to Farmington AD/HD Conference

Michael Golds Memorial AD/HD Conference Invitation

The Michael Golds Memorial AD/HD Conference on September 27, 2013 at OCC, Farmington Hills has a wonderful lineup of speakers.

Among them:

Chris Dendy is making a return appearance as our keynote speaker.  Chris has wonderful advice for parents and adults with AD/HD about now to deal with executive function problems.  She is also one of the most empathic experts on AD/HD anywhere.  She mingles with our audience and addresses their concerns on an individual basis. 

David Giwerc, a superstar in ADHD Coaching, is actually giving two talks. One talk is on coaching. The second talk, "Permission to Proceed with the Power to Pause", is a dynamite presentation that is highly motivational for adults with AD/HD but also cuts to the chase of how we adults with AD/HD act rashly and how our culture reinforces this tendency.  It is a great talk that will inspire your patients/clients to cope better with their AD/HD.


Registration is $75 (which includes lunch) and Social Workers will earn 5 CEU’s.

Consider letting your patients/clients know and consider signing up yourself.

Go to GoldsADHD.com for the details.


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