Cold Weather is Here, Be Prepared for Power Outages

The Farmington Hills/Farmington Emergency Preparedness Commission offers suggestions to help prepare for winter storms.

Now is the time of year for cold temperatures and winter storms. It’s also the time of year when gusting winds and ice and snow can bring power outages.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare:

  • Make sure you have a battery-powered or hand crank radio to listen for emergency updates and news reports. The Farmington Hills emergency radio station operates at 1650 AM.

  • If using a portable generator during a power outage, it should always be operated outside, away from doors and windows to avoid dangerous carbon monoxide. Also be sure the generator is operated downwind from any homes.

  • Every home should have a working carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom.

  • Keep flashlights or electric lanterns on hand to provide light; candles may add some adventure during power failures, but they are dangerous fire hazards. Flashlights and electric lanterns require batteries, so stock up and keep a supply ready.

  • Remember, microwaves will not work! It’s important to keep a supply of water and nonperishable food such as ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables, canned juices, milk, and soup. Additionally, have a hand-operated can opener available.  

Get ready for snow and winter weather:

  • Winterize your vehicle and your home.

  • Most importantly, minimize travel as blizzard-like conditions may arise making it difficult to see when driving.

  • Make sure you have shovels and snow removal equipment on hand and in working order.

  • Bring pets inside when temperatures drop. 

by Tim Tutak, Vice Chair, Farmington Hills/Farmington Emergency Preparedness Commission


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