Letter to the Editor: Trader Joe's Employee Says Farmington Library Helped

As the store changes its decor, library staff helps with photos and research, a Royal Oak resident says.

I am aware of the upcoming renewal millage for the library and wish to share a recent experience I’ve had with the .

I work for in Farmington Hills and, as many of our shoppers are witnessing, we are changing our store décor to be more reflective of the community which we are proud to be a part. My task in the renovation project was to gather both current and historical information on which to base our store art.

All of the many community resources I contacted were very helpful, especially the staff at your library. I wonder how many members of this community realize the wealth of historical knowledge that is held in the library’s Heritage Room! Pictures and stories are beautifully catalogued, and the staff there pulled out all the stops to help me find what I needed.

Whether tracing your genealogy or delving into the rich history that has made Farmington what it is today, you can find this gem of a library a great resource. I hope, for the sake of the patrons and the continued vibrancy of this community, the millage, which I understand is a renewal with no additional cost to tax payers, passes to provide the necessary ongoing support to maintain these services. I would think this library is a great source of pride for your community.

Peg Moran
Royal Oak
Trader Joe’s Crew Member


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