Letter to the Editor: Writer Says 'Enough is Enough' With Care4Eagle Group

A former Farmington Public Schools teacher and administrator says the battle over the sale of Eagle Elementary School should stop.

To the editor:

Enough is enough. I can’t say it any more clearly than that.

As a FPS (Farmington Public Schools) former teacher, administrator, and a long-time resident of Farmington, I care deeply about the education of the children of our two cities. Over the years, I have observed our Board of Education make difficult, complex and important decisions in a number of areas. Their responsibility is tremendous. And the hours they spend gathering information and deliberating over tough choices are countless - far more than most community members realize.

That’s why I say to the Care4Eagle group, “enough is enough.” Like many of the community members I’ve spoken with, I’m appalled at the depth of the animosity shown by members of Care4Eagle and the amount of time they’ve stolen from consideration of the real educational issues facing our school board. I’m also very alarmed when I consider that a member of our current board, Dr. Murray Kahn, is a part of Care4Eagle, especially when I review on YouTube some of the comments he made while seeking election to the board.

Care4Eagle has had their day in court, and the court decided that the school board at that time acted appropriately in handling the sale of Eagle Elementary to the Islamic Cultural Association. To accuse Karen Bolsen and Howard Wallach of bribery is slanderous. Anyone who knows these two dedicated and passionate public servants finds this accusation absurd – and a measure of the desperation of Care4Eagle as they continue to distort the facts, divide the community, and distract from the business of educating our children. And let us remember that in Farmington, thankfully, our children come from a wonderful variety of racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Our school board serves them ALL.

School will start in just a few weeks. It’s long past time for the Care4Eagle group – including Dr. Kahn – to let this issue go, and, if they truly care about the children of Farmington, to allow the school board to move forward, unencumbered and free of harassment, as they guide us through another school year.

Mary E. Brown

Gayle Chappell August 14, 2012 at 12:37 PM
The Care4Eagle group has displayed a depth of bigotry and hatred that I'm appalled exists within our community. They have had their day in court, their suit was dismissed by the Court and they should stop spreading rumors and lies about the members of the FPS School Board. If they are so concerned that the mosque and community center proposed to be built on the old Eagle site will be detrimental to their segment of our community, they can address those issues AS or AFTER they have occurred. But they should do so with the appropriate authorities and NOT try to make a case for a public court of fearful, lawless buffoons.
americans2 August 14, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Ms Chappell - your totally wrong on your comments. Yes, the community is up in arms about this sham of a sale - also the Islams do not care for Catholics, Jews and all non-muslims. Read comments that has been printed and maybe you will get a handle on the situation. Maybe you do not live near the Eagle School - we do.
Joy Lobaito August 14, 2012 at 08:31 PM
As a Farmington Hills resident, and a parent of child that attends Farmington Public Schools, I am also appalled at the slanderous comments made by the Care4Eagle group towards the FPS School Board. I have known Howard Wallach personally for many years, and I know him to be honest, caring, and always dedicated to doing the right thing. Shame On You Care4Eagle group! Our children need to follow by up-standing actions, not disgraceful and slanderous actions.
Marc D Manson August 14, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I wonder why the grammatically challenged "americans2" writer is afraid to post his message of hate using his/her or their real name?
Val DePotter August 15, 2012 at 02:04 AM
The issue is not who the school was sold to, it's the way it was sold. It wasn't listed for sale, other potential buyers were not permitted to bid on it. There is no way to know at this point how much more it could have been sold for - and that money will now never find it's way into the coffers of FPS as it should have. If the school board didn't do anything wrong, they should not have a problem with an investigation. They should embrace it as a way to clear this up. I for one, as a parent with children in the district, would prefer to have them cleared - or not - so that there is no cloud of doubt hanging over the district. Then I could go forward in confidence that the board really is looking out for the best interest of the children and the taxpayers of Farmington and Farmington Hills. I don't think caring4eagle should just shut up and go away - I want to know the truth, and if there is any corruption have it eliminated.


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