Letter Writer Says He Will Not Vote for Barnett

Farmington HIlls resident George Sarkisian explains why he will not vote for the incumbent state representative.

Going back almost two decades, I voted for current state representative, Vicki Barnett (Farmington Hills), every time she ran for public office. I will not vote for her this election. Let me tell you why.

It is well known throughout Farmington Hills the 45 residents of Minglewood Lane have been begging for help from the city of Farmington Hills, the Farmington School district and the Farmington Hills police department to find a workable solution to the deadly traffic situation on their street caused by the documented 80,000-100,000 vehicle trips on the street generated by rude and inconsiderate Highmeadow School parents, teachers, staff and visitors.

It is equally well known that the city manager’s office, the city council and the school administration have refused every attempt by the residents of Minglewood Lane to obtain a peaceful and quiet street. The residents have submitted petitions with a majority of residents favoring speed bumps and no turn signs off Middlebelt, as well as critically thought out, engineering based, data driven proposals.

I applaud Vicki Barnett for at least reaching out to me and telling me she does not feel it is within her jurisdiction to even arrange a meeting between the residents of Minglewood and the city and school institutions, but I find that answer to be a political cop-out and inexcusable. I hate having to say that because you and your record have been admirable for a very long time and in so many ways Vicki Barnett was elected to solve problems for the residents of her district.  

The residents of Minglewood are in her district and have a problem. When an elected official refuses to help the constituents who elected him/her to office, that official no longer earns my vote. I am sorry Vicki. You chose to look the other way instead of becoming a problem solver. That is not acceptable.

George Sarkisian
Farmington Hills


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