Moms Talk: How Do You Handle the Death of a Pet?

When Fluffy or Fido don't make it, sometimes the hardest part is explaining it to your kids.

Every animal lover remembers the death of their first pet. Whether it was a 22-year-old cat who had lived as long as she possibly could, or a beloved dog whose life was cut too short after a tragedy, no one ever forgets losing a pet.

This week on Moms Talk, we want to hear how Dearborn parents make the best of a bad situation: How do you talk to your kids about the death of a pet?

Do you sugarcoat it with stories of doggy and kitty heaven, or lay it down straight? Do you bring in a replacement pet right away to soothe the pain, or let them learn to grieve? Or, even riskier, do you lie and say that Rex ran away?

Share your tips, stories and plans here on Moms Talk!

Molly Tippen May 25, 2011 at 02:01 PM
I think telling a child that a pet ran away is the wrong strategy. Then the child will alsways wonder where the pet went, and why he left. (Did the pet leave because he didn't like living with me? Did the pet get lost because I didn;t take good enough care of him?). The best thing to do is explain the loss of the pet like the loss of an adult; that there's a circle of life, all livings leave some time. And, I think it's always good to explain that all dogs and cats go to Heaven.


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