Taking advantage of motorists

There are 2 stop lights about 50 yards apart on Farmington Road, one at Hearthstone and one at Bayberry, that the city has rigged to confuse drivers.  Instead of having  timed lights, like the norm for a situation like this, they have the lights turn red at the exact same time.  

If you are driving past one as the yellow light comes up, you get confused if you should keep going or stop at the second one light.  Then, to top it off, they have a police sitting there waiting to ticket drivers for going through the second red light.  

The fact that they always have a police there waiting shows they know what they are doing, which is unethically tricking drivers into getting $150 tickets.  What is the reason they cant have a 2-second delay on the second light, like the rest of the country does?


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