Technology Tools Valuable to All

I am struck by the many ways that most of us who are invested in the FPS bond election -- on both sides of the issue -- have made use of technology.

Today’s technology has allowed us anytime, anywhere access to information regarding the bond proposal: the district website info, newspaper articles, editorials, letters and comments of opinion, research studies, financial information, district data, millage information, streaming video of district forums and school board meetings, ballot language, polling information, and more. 

Not only have we easily accessed information electronically, we have used today’s technology tools to share and to make meaning of information, to (hopefully) gain perspective as we read diverse opinions, to express our own opinions, and ultimately, to make informed decisions.

As adults, we have proven that technology is a powerful and valuable tool to us as individuals and to our democracy. The students of Farmington Public Schools – our future decision makers – not only deserve the same access to such technology, but deserve the opportunity to learn to make the most effective use of it. This digital reality is the world for which we must prepare our students.

Part of the dollars in this bond proposal will be dedicated to the infusion of the effective use of technology into the curriculum. This is JUST ONE of the MANY reasons that I am voting YES on August 6.

Denise Gundle-White

FPS Teacher and Farmington Resident


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