Vote Yes August 6th for the Kids

We will vote yes on August 6th.  We wish to thank the committee for their tireless hours of volunteer work in studying each and every facility, and take their recommendation as firm support for the kids and teachers of our distinct.  Our daughter attended FPS and we are in her school a few times per month.. This is a needed bond for security, technology as well as upgrades to improve learning environments.  This is also what will allow us to be competitive and enhance our property values with neighboring districts.
We had the opportunity to read the post card that went out against this bond.  It was telling and revealing.  This anonymous group spent many hundreds of dollars to send this pack of untruths, which allowed their transparent agenda to shine through. They made the sarcastic comment about the superintendent's furniture, therefore negating ANY credibly they may have had. Who are Farmington Citizens United and why aren't they a legal registered group with Oakland County Clerk?  Why are they hiding?  This is a vendetta they have and they will sacrifice our students and teachers to no end. Our guess is most people on this "committee" have not stepped foot into the majority of the facilities in years, if ever.  The comment that "not one penny goes towards educating kids" is wrong and offensive.  By law, a bond cannot go to pay teachers.  Improving learning environments as well as security and technology upgrades IS what improves the education of our students.  We have no doubt they know this. Our neighbors, fellow parents, and our own research say to vote yes on August 6th.  We would never turn our backs on the district that is educating our daughter. We say thanks and let's move forward with all the upgrades and technology as it is sorely needed.
A few sacrifices for the greater good is what a community is all about. We also want to thank volunteer Chris Greg who has honestly, eloquently and  calmly dispelled the myths being set forth by the opposition and laid out the facts for those of us who care to know those facts.  We have read the proposal on the web site, read her explanations, attended three informational forums, and we are thoroughly convinced there is no downside to voting yes on August 6th.
As parents of a middle school child who are actively engaged in her education, we have observed the need for the issues addressed in the proposal for several years.  We feel as though the recommendations are long overdue. Our main concern is security and technology and they have been detailed.
We would support this bond even if we did not have a child in the district.  We want to attract young families when we look to sell our home some day.   Supporting the schools in our community is paramount to a solid future of excellence in education.
Sincerely,Joy and Chuck LobaitoFarmington Hills
Trisha Balazovic August 01, 2013 at 11:03 AM
Thank you Joy and Chuck for taking the time to read all of the information that is available and for attending the informational forums that we have held to educate yourselves on all facets of this bond. While I am overjoyed to know that you will be voting yes, I am equally as happy that you have taken the time to truly educate yourself before deciding which way to cast your vote! THANK YOU!!
Dave York August 03, 2013 at 11:36 AM
Neither technology nor security items belong in a long term Bond Proposal. They are short term, transient items that need ongoing upgrades and improvement. They properly belong in the annual budget. The taxpayers Voted down the last big dollar Bond issue in 1995 for this very reason. The FPS Administration admitted it was a mistake, took those items out, and got their Bond issue passed. We provide more than enough revenue every year, more that they can spend, which has created the decades old bloated Equity Fund that just keeps getting bigger. This is the proper source for this type of expenditure. The biggest threat to both student learning and safety is the FPS Administration abandonmnet of classroom discipline. Teaching staff are pressured and fought on a daily basis to keep the disinterested, unprepared, and troublemaking students in the classroom to the detriment of the rest of the students. Classroom discipline is a primary prerequisite for quality student learning. We have a safe community with excellent local, county, state, and federal law enforcement. We neither need nor should lock our schools down. It even inhibits several of the Facility Taskforce's goals on integration and openness with the rest o the cities Communities. Approving this Bond before implementing instructional reform with teacher accountability is buying thea cart before you buy the horse. Effective instructional reform in the classroom does not require passage of this Bond. It has been in place in FPS in some classrooms for over (2) decades. It is missing in many classrooms, especially at the secondary level because its implementation is optional. If this was truly a student-centered District instead of a staff-centered district, implementation of instructional reform would be mandatory and its effective use would be measured and teachers and building adminstrators would be held accountable for the results. For over (2) decades in FPS, it has produced superior results in terms of student achievement without any differnces in facilities or resources. It is only at the expense of our students, our Communty, our State, and our Country that it has not been implemented Districtwide. Why wouldn't parents and taxpayers insist that it would mandatory? Vote No and insist the FPS Administration restore classroom discipline and remove students from the classroom who are not ready and willing to learn and that teachers implement the instructional reforms that achieve improved student learning.


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