Vote YES on FPS Bond Proposals

October 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, voters in the Farmington Public Schools district will be asked to consider two bond proposals, Proposal 1 for $154.6 Million and Proposal 2 for $31.6 Million, which they should vote to pass.  Proposal 1 will address upgrades to safety, infrastructure and technology at all K - 12 schools.  Proposal 2 covers arts, athletics, and technology replacement. (Proposal 2 will only be implemented if Proposal 1 passes.)


On Monday, September 9, 2013, the Farmington Area PTA Council voted to support these important ballot questions.  We hope that each voter will consider that the average homeowner cost is approximately $6 - $12 per month, a small amount to pay to maintain our property values and the investment that we have made in our schools.


Many of our neighboring districts have already passed similar infrastructure bonds.  To remain competitive, we must also maintain and modernize our schools.  Most of the FPS school buildings are a half century old, and need significant improvements. 


With the passage of the bonds, FPS will be able to divert more general fund dollars to instruction and classroom needs.  Some of these funds are currently being used to address unexpected, urgent infrastructure repairs and replacements.


We urge you to join each of our PTA/PTSA members and vote YES on the bonds on Tuesday, November 5! We support strong kids, strong schools and strong communities.


Yours sincerely,


Jennifer Garland

Farmington PTA Council President


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