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FHVoice December 09, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Mary, so instead of finding a different job, you are whining about having to pay because a union represented you? You wrote: "There was no choice involved in this "joining" of their ranks; no union/no job. One of them even told me that I did not have to "join" the union but that they would still take the same dues out of my check each week and would not represent me unless I signed their papers." You do know that the company and union negotiated a contract that obliged the union to represent the workers of the company, and that if you did not join you'd e a freeloader, right? And oh my god, the union actually tried to protect its interests by opposing laws it doesn't like? You mean, like the Koch Brothers and the DeVos family are doing on the other side of the table? Unions have had too much power? Somehow, writing that makes it doubtful that you were ever a fan of the working man. Ironic that someone with your name is listed has having a job as a certified financial planner with Morgan Stanley. If that is you, well, one should consider that "unions have too much power" comment a bit jaded.
Mabelle December 11, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Unions have done some good to this area, it allowed average people with just HS educations to prosper and live quite well this helped our economy grow. But that time has come and gone. Unions have negotiated their way to a point where the contracts are larger than the value of the workers, so we are now at a point where the public (consumer) is paying for benefits that do not befit the value of the employee. This is why the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan are in such a bad way. Open the doors, let businesses into the state who will hire people and the economy will get better. Unions have to adjust to a changing time. Thank goodness there are governors and legislators that realize this.
Agnes Hale December 11, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Agnes I think it is funny how all of a sudden people are against unions. We need to take a step back and look at WHY the unions formed. You would not have a 40 hour work week, you would have no vacation time, your safety, breaks, and you would have no benefits. Take a look at the states that have already passed such a law. Teachers are suffering because the state does not care about them and giving them the tools to teach children. Our public schools are already in danger of being thrown to the wayside in favor of Charter Schools. Charter schools are run through corporations and since corporations have done nothing for job growth, do you honestly think they will do ANYTHING for the education of our children. Talk to the workers who have no benefits and can't afford them thanks to the right to work law. Part time will be the thing. Oh, and holidays-----plan on working them WITHOUT time and a half. This is the worst thing Snyder and the republicans have done to this state. I use to work for a company that was unionized, but I didn't have to join and did not have any dues withheld from paycheck. This right to work law is right up WalMart's alley. They already disrespect employees and buy judges. This saves them that money. The automobile industry has a union, and they are good. People today enjoy the BENEFITS they got because of the union. Now, you can be fired for no reason---with union representation you couldn't. Salaries will decrease & we will no recourse.
FHVoice December 11, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Wait. Your complaint is that management has been too lenient and the unions too strong, and so this naked attack on unions is designed to weaken the all powerful unions? Thanks for making it clear why the GOP had to push through the bills during the lame duck session without public debate on the particulars.
Scott December 12, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Unions were at one time an essential part of workplace safety and fairness. However over time the unions have become a strange entity. Where else can you work as a new hire for the same wage as a 10 year vet and receive the same pay other than a union shop. In my view this undermines productivity by the simple fact that there is no incentive for a worker who outperforms or outproduces another worker - they still get paid the same and get the same raises. Wages/salaries should be based at least partially on merit and how you affect the bottom line of the company, and the union inhibits that from happening. It essentially fosters an environment of unequal work with equal pay rather than equal work for equal pay. Unions essentially provide protection to lazy individuals while not rewarding the hard work of other individuals, individually, ie. the recently reinstated union workers caught drinking and smoking pot on the job. The initial focus and purpose of unions was to ensure the health and safety of workers. It is no longer that. We now have OSHA and dozens of other laws and practices to ensure worker health and safety. Furthermore and finally, a recent study by a top economist found that the cumulative growth of employment in manufacturing in the right-to-work states was 26 percentage points greater than that in the non-right-to-work states (Wall Street Journal, Harvard Economist Robert Barro). Unions are no longer serving the purpose they once stood for.


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