Cipriano, Young Bound For Trial Following Gruesome Testimony in Farmington Hills

The Oakland County medical examiner and two Farmington Hills police officers testify to the brutal murder of Bob Cipriano and attacks on his wife Rose and son Salvatore.

Late this morning, Judge Marla Parker ruled suspects Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young will stand trial in connection with the April 16 attack that left Tucker's father dead and his mother and brother critically injured. 

The decision came after a morning of gruesome testimony, as two officers and an Oakland County medical examiner revealed graphic details about the death of 52-year-old Bob Cipriano and assaults on Rose, 51, and Salvatore, 17. 

Assistant medical examiner Reuben Ortiz-Reyes testified that Robert Cipriano did not die from the severe injuries to his head. He said significant blood in the victim's lungs showed "he drowned in his own blood".

After hearing details from Hills detectives Richard Wehby and Jason McDonald about statements made by Tucker Cipriano, as well as testimony given May 23 by and a friend of the defendants, Parker said she found evidence crimes had been committed and that "the injuries of Salvatore and Rose certainly show an intent to murder."

"I am satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to bind the defendants over on all counts," she said. 

This is a developing story.


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