Farmington Hills Police Arrest Woman with Ties to Tucker Cipriano

Christine Frederick, 47, faces drug-related charges after her arrest Friday night in an investigation unrelated to the Cipriano homicide case, authorities said.

that homicide suspect Tucker Cipriano may have been high on the synthetic drug "Spice" was arrested Friday night on drug charges.

According to a news release issued this morning by , Christine Frederick, 47, was taken into custody by the department's Directed Patrol Unit and faces charges of manufacturing marijuana and second or subsequent violation for possession of a controlled substance.

After  of Tucker Cipriano, 19, and Mitchell Young, 20, each of whom face five felony counts in the beating death of Tucker's father, Bob, and attacks on his mother, Rose, and brother Salvatore, Frederick told reporters that Tucker's adoption and alleged drug use were possible triggers for his troubles. She said the teen lived with her last fall, after she underwent brain surgery. 

While the department will not release details about the ongoing investigation, Police Chief Chuck Nebus said Frederick's arrest is related to an ongoing drug investigation and not to the Cipriano case.

Frederick was arraigned early Saturday morning at the Farmington Hills Police Department Jail by Magistrate Dennis Pheney. She was released on a $1,000 personal bond. A preliminary examination conference is scheduled May 2 at the 47th District Court, and a preliminary examination is scheduled May 9.

Colette Richards April 28, 2012 at 07:05 PM
yea I'm not surprised either!
Missy April 28, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Not surprised at ALL! I will not be surprised if the next thing we find out is that she preys on young boys with problems! I was appalled at the Facebook support page she made for Cipriano,(who could or would support someone who could commit such a crime?) which in turn led me to look at her FB page and all her pictures. She looks like a pedifile to me when I browsed her pictures, let's see if boys start coming out about her next!
Crazy Horse April 29, 2012 at 11:58 PM
She is a convicted Felon. Look her up on the Michigan Department of Corrections Website. Link: http://mdocweb.state.mi.us/OTIS2/otis2profile.aspx?mdocNumber=199832. So what qualifies her as an "expert" in the field of teen psychology, adoption, spice, or anything else? She needs to be monitored.
Concerned Neighbor April 30, 2012 at 03:08 AM
First off,....I hope she's a renter and not buying her home, because I want her gone! The kids that she's attracted to her home have wreaked havoc on the area. Kudos to the Farmington Hills police department that worked on this investigation. I wouldn't doubt if these kids had some type of involvement in the area burglaries over the winter, her home is located in the same area. I looked at her facebook profile and have seen most of these young and old people in the area. Flashing large sums of money, not your normal adult "mother", Her "friend" or "boyfriend" in the "my baby" pictures (click on all pics) is also a convicted felon currently on parole. http://mdocweb.state.mi.us/otis2/otis2profile.aspx?mdocNumber=178784 - I'm sure he's a great role model and mentor also. And those are items that she's openly displaying. Who knows what is hidden. She's a version of spice k2 all by herself but under a different label. Teen drug mom.
Erica May 06, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Another scarey thing is I heard she was employeed at a daycare.


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