Farmington Hills Police Cars Get Cutting Edge High Def Video Systems

The 'Watchguard' system digitally records and wirelessly transmits video and replaces the department's old, failing camera system.

The Farmington Hills Police Department has added new, cutting edge technology to its fleet of marked patrol vehicles.

In a press release, the Police Department announced the purchase and installation of a high definition police in-car video system to replace an antiquated low definition system. With the old system failing, and the cost of repairs becoming exceedingly cumbersome, the time was right to replace and upgrade the technology.

This new system, appropriately named “Watchguard,” digitally records police/citizen contacts, then wirelessly transmits events to a secure server. The upgrade includes new wireless microphones with a line of sight range of up to two miles. It is capable of maintaining audio reception through buildings.

The Police Department’s previous system utilized a removable hard drive system with limited storage capabilities, requiring manual removal and storage of the individual hard drives. With the new “Watchguard” system, storage is no longer an issue, and time isn’t wasted removing and replacing hard drives in the police patrol vehicles.

This project was partially funded by a grant from the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority.    

Source: City of Farmington Hills press release


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