Farmington Public Safety Alerted to Possible Fraud Using Green Dot Cards

An elderly man is told by someone he doesn't know to buy the cards, then call in their numbers.

The manager of a CVS store contacted Farmington Public Safety Nov. 1, after an elderly man made an unusual purchase. 

According to the report, the store manager told police that the 73-year-old Westland resident had been in twice in the past few weeks to purchase two $500 "Green Dot" pre-paid debit cards, which seemed unusual because of the large amounts of money. 

The report indicated that the Westland man told police a man he didn't know had called him and asked him to purchase the cards, then call in the card numbers to a phone number that police traced to Jamaica. When an officer called that number, the party on the other end briefly spoke with him, then hung up. 

Police told the Westland man to stop purchasing the cards for that purpose and to ignore the calls. 


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