Farmington Public Safety Phone Line Repairs Underway

A Farmington resident complains during Monday's city council meeting about trouble hearing dispatchers on a non-emergency call.

Richard Tangler asked Farmington city council members on Monday to look into problems he said he never experienced before Farmington Public Safety began contracting for dispatch services with the Farmington Hills Police Dept.

Public Safety Director Bob Schulz said problems Tangler and others reported when using the department's non-emergency phone line are being addressed. The process of identifying the problem has taken weeks, he added.

Tangler said on two occasions, he could not hear the dispatcher when he called for service.

"I could hear there was someone talking, but I couldn't hear what they were saying," he told officials. He said he gave the dispatcher his phone number and got a call back to address his issue. "I can imagine a good many of our citizens will not do this." 

Schulz said the departments have worked with AT&T and several other companies to address the problem. "They figured out we have to implement a new telephone line to connect Farmington and Farmington Hills directly," he said. 

Any resident who dials 911 will not have the same problem, Schulz added. 


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