In Farmington Hills, Leaf Burning Violates City Code

Bag up those leaves; burning them under any circumstances is not allowed.

Temperatures are slowly dipping each week and before you know it, fall will be here. Football is in full swing, hunters can’t wait to take to the woods, and soon leaves will be turning colors and falling from the trees. When that happens, it’s “fall clean up time” at most households.

Unlike some rural areas where open burning is permitted, it is against city ordinance to burn here in Farmington Hills. You can’t burn leaves, branches, or any yard debris … ever!

Some people think they’ve found a loophole and burn their yard waste in portable fireplaces, burn pits or ceramic chimneys that are popular these days on decks and patios. Regardless of the device you think you can use and get away with, nothing is permitted. Open burning just isn’t allowed.

If the Fire Department does respond to your home for an open burn, you may be ticketed, or you may receive a cost recovery invoice from the Fire Department for a fire truck and firefighters responding to your violation.

So, you’ll have to bag your refuse in approved yard waste bags or cans marked with a yard waste sticker, and set it out for garbage pickup on your regular collection date.

 Lt. Denny Hughes is a fire and safety educator and 30-year veteran with the Farmington Hills Fire Department. He may be reached at 248-871-2823 or via e-mail at dhughes@fhgov.com.


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