Report of Suspicious Vehicle in Farmington Hills Leads to Arrest of Larceny Suspect

James Dillard, 18, was arraigned Monday on three counts related to thefts from vehicles over the weekend.

A Farmington Hills teen faces charges related to thefts from several vehicles over the weekend, after a resident called police about a suspicious vehicle Sunday morning. 

 Commander Matt Koehn said James Dillard, 18, was arraigned Monday on one count of larceny from a motor vehicle, a 5-year felony, one count of breaking and entering a vehicle with intent to steal ($1,000-$20,000), a 5-year felony, and one count of breaking and entering a vehicle with intent to steal (less than $200), a 93-day misdemeanor. 

According to the report, the resident spotted the vehicle, which looked unoccupied, parked on Dunford, east of Kendallwood. Officers found the 18-year-old sleeping inside and noticed an odor of marijuana as he got out. The teen told police his parents had kicked him out of the house, and a friend who had offered him a place to stay backed out of the deal. 

The report indicated that while officers were talking to the teen, his cell phone rang. An officer answered and heard a male voice say, "Come pick me up, I'm up the street and turn right." Police looked for the second man, but were unable to locate him.

A search of the teen's vehicle uncovered a set of adult golf clubs, a set of junior golf clubs and a GPS device, a wallet and two small bags containing marijuana. In addition, police found three counterfeit $20 bills inside the teen's wallet, the report indicated. 

According to a second report, the teen later told police that he and an 18-year-old friend, also from Farmington Hills, entered several vehicles during the previous night. Police were able to locate the owner of the golf clubs, who identified them as having been stolen from his vehicle. 

Koehn said police believe the second person is involved, but the teen is not in custody. Koehn said police had no previous contact with Dillard. 


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