Meadowlark Home Invasion Shows Importance of Calling 911

Farmington Public Safety Commander Frank Demers talked with residents at a Neighborhood Watch meeting Thursday about break-ins, thefts from vehicles and other local crimes.

Farmington Public Safety investigators believe whoever broke into a home on Meadowlark Wednesday may have still been inside as the homeowner was calling police.  

During a Neighborhood Watch meeting Thursday at Farmington City Hall, Commander Frank Demers said investigators found an air rifle had been taken out of a bedroom closet, but was left behind on the bed. That's an indication whoever committed the crime was interrupted, he said, and a reminder that residents should call police before entering a home when they believe a break-in may have occurred.

"This homeowner did exactly what he was supposed to do," Demers said. "He drove up, saw something was wrong, and called 911."

Investigators are also looking into a home invasion on Mission Ct., a home Demers said was a "perfect target" for a daytime break-in, because it is located in a secluded neighborhood surrounded by woods. The thief or thieves who made away with computers and a watch got in through French doors that can be difficult to secure, because they cannot be separately locked, he said.

'Mind-boggling' thefts from vehicles

Demers said citizens can take measures to provide a little extra security not only for their homes, but also their cars. He said in a recent rash of thefts from vehicles, people left valuables like purses, cash, watches and electronics in plain view and didn't lock the doors.

"It's mind-boggling," Demers said. "Just a little bit of a layer of security could have prevented the loss." 

Demers provided some insight about last month's theft of a vehicle from the city hall parking lot. He said the vehicle was later found just a short distance away, in the Village Shoe Inn parking lot, which puzzled officers. 

They later realized that patrol cars were on Grand River that day, providing traffic control for a utility crew. "We have reason to believe this person may have thought that this road block was for him," Demers said. 

He noted a second car stolen Oct. 4 from outside of Tubby's in the Downtown Farmington Center has not yet been recovered.


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