Two Arrests in Farmington Hills Monday May Solve a Dozen Crimes

Police say the men taken into custody late Monday night may also be connected with crimes in other communities.

Two men arrested late Monday night in Farmington Hills may be responsible for at least a dozen crimes in Farmington Hills and Farmington, according to Farmington Hills Police. 

Commander Matt Koehn said he expects the men to be arraigned Wednesday or Thursday. Details of the local investigation were sent Wednesday to authorities in other cities. 

"It looks like they were going into construction trailers and trucks and removing tools," Koehn said. 

According to the Farmington Hills Police report, investigators suspected a red van was connected to a series of break-ins, and officers spotted it Monday night parked at a construction site near Nine Mile Road and Tuck. Officers watched as two men moved items between a white van on the property and the red van.

The report indicated that when the red van left, officers checked the white van and found a window smashed, a door open and items scattered on the ground. Police stopped the van at 14 Mile and Farmington Road, where the men were taken into custody. 


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